Traditional Trade /Wholesale

Power Sales

Serving traditional trade, whether it is wholesale or retail, requires that Sales Reps have on-hand the needed information that will allow them to push Sell In as well as design and negotiate strategies at the point of sale to push Sell Out.

Wholesale software - Traditional
Wholesale software - Traditional

With Power Sales, Sales Reps have relevant data on customer segmentation, current promotions that can be applied, collectiong, inventory visibility in the warehouse, activities or delegated actions for point of sale, just a few clicks away.

In addition to its ease of use, it allows the Sales Reps to report visits, place orders, capture surveys and activity alerts that generate insights for the management team. All of this makes easier the daily operation.

With a Go-To-Market mainly oriented to being an advanced presale, the benefits of implementing in this channel are:

Wholesale software - Traditional

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