Flexibility in Modules Conceptualized independently, but designed to work together.

SFA – (Sales Force Automation)

It is a powerful application with required digital tools in Commercial Executives’ hands to perform their activities on site with customers and to be able to make the best negotiations aimed at improving sellin and sellout.
Ideal for operations with an Advanced Pre-Sale regardless of its channel or vertical, with constant application of complex promotions in order entry, monitoring actions and real-time alerts that manage to enable correct Customer Management by improving its Retail Execution.
In addition, with its Survey and Service functionality, it allows KPI and shelf conditions to be collected and activities to be monitored for Merchandising tasks.

Top 10 Differentiators:


Controlling, measuring, monitoring, executing and improving the performance of Horizontal Distribution has never been as complete and simple as with Power Sales DSD.
Covering the 3 DSD channel models (Pre-sale, Delivery, Self-sale) or a combination of them, with DSD the complete cycle of the Route Sales is enabled with the complexities involved in handling cash, credit and micro-transactions in general which are so common in emerging markets.
In addition, with its high configurability, it streamlines the commercial process that is defined, since it allows defining the activities that are performed at the beginning of the day, during the route and at the end of the day, including the settlement that is calculated automatically in seconds and in a timely manner.

Top 10 differentiators:


Involving supervisors and commercial managers in the day-to-day of your sales force is now easier with MANAGEMENT: a digital tool designed for the Planning, Execution, Coaching and Follow-up of clients, sales force, and brands whose Supervisor and Managers are responsible for.
With a mobile oriented and multiplatform UI, MANAGEMENT users are actively and proactively involved in what salespeople and other commercial teams are doing on a daily basis.

Top 10 differentiators:

Call Center

Tracking of incoming and outgoing calls or messages to a single point of contact for orders, complaints, or suggestions is performed  in CALL CENTER, a Web application that enables Customer Service activities.
Regardless of the business vertical in which they work, measuring the performance of the customer service area and its Service Desk, and in turn facilitating the availability of information as a single point of contact is now possible.
With the high configurability, the activities of the area in charge of maintaining a good customer shopping experience are enabled.

Top 5 Differentiators:


The B2B module is a native App that is customized and placed in app stores ready for download to improve brand and service engagement with customers.
The generation of direct orders through the app as well as tracking previous orders, sending comments and answering quality surveys, make B2B an empowering tool that customers love.
By establishing direct communication with the existing client through the app, you can better outline the messages and type of content you want and thereby obtain the insights that Trade Marketing needs.

Top 5 Differentiators:


With the BOT module, Artificial Intelligence is applied to the conversation through the most popular Instant Messaging applications such as Whatsapp ®, Telegram ® and SMS.
By short and simple conversations, the Client or final Consumer (B2B or B2C) can perform different rutinary activities that goe from direct consultations of active promotions, to placing orders and tracking delivery.
The ease of use and availability of messaging tools with the conversational and business layer makes this component essential in the business operations of any Distribution company in the 21st century.

Top 5 Differentiators:


Many times a Distribution starts from a Brick and Mortar or  a consumer brand engagement pushes for doing open sales out of one of distribution centers, with POS you have a complete Point of Sale functionality connected to the same operation and Distribution.
A simple and friendly interface allows you to record sales and cash closing  to the same existing customer base in order to consolidate sales in a single commercial system.

Top 5 Differentiators:


Variaty and diversity of brands and services available to the consumer makes the market increasingly competitive for Distribution companies. For this reason, creating incentives through a loyalty plan becomes an important differentiator for the final buyer.
With LOYAL, points are accumulated for each sales transaction, which are later exchanged for promotional items and are integrated into the distribution chain. All this through the brand’s own application, which also better profiles the consumer and increases their engagement.

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There are companies where an ERP is not easily installable, either due to complexity in the operation or resource constraints. However, the operation continues and with ADMIN DMS the most important administrative processes, necessary and complementary to commercial execution, are enabled.
With ADMIN DMS, control of the Finished Goods Inventory is performed, route Product loads, purchases are controlled and, in turn, accounts payable. In the same way, credit control and Accounts Receivable make this module something necessary to finish enabling a commercial operation.

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